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Marketing insight

How to optimise your campaigns with real insight

How to optimise your campaigns with real insight

Written by Elisabeth Frick

Elisabeth Frick

Jack Welch once stated that “an organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage”. So how does one achieve this advantage? In order to learn, you need access to information, and in terms of marketing campaigns, this relates to information about what’s working and what’s not. Translating learning into action means that you have to be able to act upon the information at hand – preferably while the campaign is still active. Doing this could potentially lead to an increase in sales and give you a better return on your marketing investments. With the tools Penetrace provides you will know everything about your brand’s performance and be able to defend the value of your marketing investments.


The big idea

By generating reports automatically and storing all of the information in one place, the information is quickly and easily accessible. This reduces costs and saves time leading to a better ROI on your marketing investments while also being able to optimise them. Penetrace have developed a best-practice methodology for measuring and evaluating the effects of a campaign. Today, almost 5,000 campaigns have been evaluated through a post-campaign survey in Penetrace with the results available for benchmarking.
Evaluating the success of an online campaign in isolation by measuring and comparing conversion rates is fairly easy, television is a different story. A television campaign report only gives you information on GRPs and frequency. Measuring a multimedial campaign in Penetrace gives you real insight on what impression it left on your audience. Did the receivers understand the message? Did it make them want to buy your brand? By combining this insight with behavioural data, such as online campaign traffic data, Penetrace can visualize if there are more clicks on your website when your ad is shown on television, or if the people who say that they will visit your store actually do. Measuring campaigns in a factual way and combining surveys, behavioural and business data, drives better decision making for a brand’s current and planned spend.



Being able to benchmark performance against industry averages or against your own previous campaign results will give you a strong indication of how a campaign is performing. In Penetrace we have an extensive database of campaign evaluations to compare results with. If the ad is underperforming, advertisers can take action, for example by changing the creative or re-allocating the spending.



Penetrace stores raw data which allows you to apply a more granular set of filters in order to measure findings, such as a specific group of people with higher intent to buy your brand to women liking your ad better than men, against key performance indicators like brand equity or return on marketing investment. This enables you to act on facts rather than educated guesses. This way you are able to save and share the information and optimise campaigns while they are still active.



We all know that information is power, but simply analysing historical performance is not enough in today’s intense market. Getting real-time insights during the campaign and being able to adapt the strategy based on this information is crucial. Also, properly measuring and evaluating campaign perception has become increasingly important with today's saturated media landscape and complex consumer decision making . Get the facts straight and know how your campaign performed compared to similar campaigns or other campaigns in your product category. Planning the next big campaign with the right insight might save you both time and money.


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Marketing insight

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