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Optimise your media mix with Campaign Trend

Optimise your media mix with Campaign Trend

Written by Christian Hansen

Christian Hansen

With Campaign Trend you will be able to see which media channel produces the best campaign performance for a specific industry or category.


When we created Penetrace, we set out to solve what was then one of marketing’s biggest challenges: how to ensure that the return on marketing investments will be better next year, while adhering to the same budget as the current year.

Despite having tons of research and sales data, many marketing departments were not able to benchmark results of campaigns with best or worst practices. They lacked a database that could give them relevant benchmarks.

So we launched Penetrace, which represented a paradigm shift in marketing intelligence – it removed all the complexity, and infused clarity into measuring and evaluating campaign and brand performance, with simplicity, benchmarking and a 360° view.

To date, almost 6,000 campaigns have been evaluated through post-campaign surveys in Penetrace, with the results available for benchmarking.

What impression did your campaign have on your audience? Did the recipients understand the message? Did they like the campaign? Did it make them want to buy your brand? Evaluating your campaigns individually provides insight into which aspects were effective and which have to be improved upon in future campaigns.

Over the years, Penetrace has built an extensive database of structured and systematic campaign evaluations against which results can be compared. In fact, our database is the biggest of its kind throughout Northern Europe.


Trend development insights

The purpose of conducting pre- and post-campaign surveys is to learn, as well as being able to translate this learning into action: how do you improve your next campaign so that it can produce better ROMI?

As the number of campaign evaluations in our database has increased over the years, they constitute vast data banks that show trend developments over time. In-depth analyses of these benchmarking databases will provide you with actionable campaign trend insights that you can leverage in order to optimise your marketing mix.

Which media have given the best return on your marketing investments? Perhaps you will realise that major online investments have produced mediocre results, at best? Perhaps TV combined with outdoor ads has a much stronger impression on your audience?

Consequently, you may decide to change your media mix – a decision based on hard data, not hunches.

This accumulated learning based on trends generated by our extensive benchmarking databases is the foundation of our new and innovative product: Campaign Trend.

Campaign Trend gives you an in-depth analysis of our comprehensive benchmark databases, providing you with actionable trend development insights in order to review and optimise both the performance of your future campaigns and your entire media mix.

Does your current campaign perform better than your previous one, and the one before that? Or is its performance only average – or even below average?


Advanced surveying

Quite a few of our clients – both media companies and media agencies – conduct post-campaign surveys across businesses on behalf of their clients. Campaign Trend offers the possibility to split these surveys according to category and industry. How do outdoor campaigns perform within the retail industry compared to, for instance, telecom campaigns?

Being able to see which media channel produces the best campaign performance for a specific industry or category is a hugely valuable takeaway.

Audience segmentation will also be possible with Campaign Trend. Each post-campaign survey is based on defined criteria, such as gender, age, demographics, psychographics, communication behaviour, media use, etc. Campaign Trend enables you to see how your campaign performs within each segment – e.g. with men and women between the ages of 17 and 35.

Developing different trend lines for different audiences in a dashboard will bring a clear view of where to spend more on later campaigns.


Post-campaign surveys bring real insight

It is important to note that using Campaign Trend gives you access to your own database of campaign evaluations, not to Penetrace’s entire base of 6,000 tested campaigns. After all, the valuable metric is how your own campaign evaluation database is trending.

Campaign Trend is all about the value of building your unique campaign database as time progresses. Each post-campaign survey provides you with data that goes beyond that particular campaign; it accumulates to form a historical data bank that you can analyse at a later stage, bringing hugely valuable learning outcomes.

As you continuously conduct your post-campaign surveys through Penetrace, we save your data, eventually building an extensive database that will give you comprehensive metrics on how your campaigns are trending, and what measures you need to take to optimise them.

Hence, the more post-campaign surveys you perform, the quicker this database grows into a campaign trend insights generator. Performing post-campaign surveys produces valuable insights, both in the short and the long term.


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