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Marketing insight

How to reach the full potential of your marketing intelligence platform

How to reach the full potential of your marketing intelligence platform

Written by Karin Grohman

Karin Grohman

In order to achieve return on investment, securing quality marketing insight and building highly effective campaigns is a must. All too often, businesses keep their data locked in silos, making it difficult to respond to ever-evolving marketplace demands.

Great data is extremely valuable. The challenge is to harvest it, transform it into actionable insights, and make it available to key decision makers across the organization. Successfully integrating a data insight- and marketing intelligence tool into your existing work processes will enhance the quality of both analysis and planning, inevitably leading to better decision making and stronger ROMI.

Structure is key

In order to make strategic and tactical decisions as a marketing executive, knowing and understanding the impact of previous activities and efforts is vital. Structuring and making sense of the data available to us provides valuable insight and coherence as a foundation for better decision-making.

For many, the foundation already exists. You most likely have input from your media investments, behavioral data like traffic, visitors, bounce rates or conversions from data sources like Google Analytics, AdForm or Facebook and maybe even a brand report or two.

However, the data is often scattered in various systems and different formats produced by agencies and partners rather than in a local system at the advertisers themselves. At best you have a spreadsheet where you gather data from various sources to get an overview of the status on your KPIs.

Excel can be an excellent and flexible tool for data processing needs. However, it is arguably not optimized for collaboration, and there are many well-known sources of error that consume both time and energy. In order to avoid inefficient work and to actually gain insight from the information, automatically gathering data in one single database is essential. Organizing your data will give you an overview and help you identify what really works and what you need to do differently to optimize results.

Clarity through simplicity

Simplicity has proven to be one of the most important success parameters when implementing a marketing intelligence tool. No matter how complex the input data and calculations may be, what is visualized should be easy to grasp and easy to act upon.

Hence, an essential part of any implementation process is understanding your strategy and what tools you have at your disposal to achieve the desired result. This allows you and your team members to easily find and analyze outcomes and deviations, so that you can better understand how to plan your next activities.

Let the tool be a part of what you have already worked hard to build

When you succeed in turning a marketing intelligence tool part of your team's work process and the heart of marketing operations you are not merely taking advantage of your investment, you also have a comprehensive intelligence platform for analysis, reporting and planning.

This enables you to learn, turning the insight into wisdom, while at the same time making your planning efforts more enjoyable and productive.


Beating the competition demands for great data

In a consumer driven world the way we work and interact with customers requires precise insight and automation. Delivering a positive experience through tailored and relevant communication is everything. Marketing executives use intelligence platforms to increase the route to wisdom.

With one single source of insight you will save time and resources, and a team unified around clear goals perform better. Much better.


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Marketing insight

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